Those taking the lead in e-learning need all the help they can get!

What is an e-pioneer?

Who can call themselves e-pioneers?

This page is a catalogue pointing to various blog postings - each one containing a survival tip for e-pioneers.  Select a topic, click on it, and enjoy the tip.

The e-pioneer is an explorer.

The e-pioneer is a pathfinder.

The e-pioneer is a trailblazer.

The e-pioneer is a groundbreaker.

The e-pioneer is a pacesetter.

The e-pioneer is a rabble-rouser.

The e-pioneer is a warrior.

The e-pioneer is a change agent.

The e-pioneer is a ghostbuster.

10 The e-pioneer is an innovator.

11 The e-pioneer is a monument builder.

12 The e-pioneer fights apathy.

13 The e-pioneer treats the root cause of apathy.

14 The e-pioneer fights bureaucracy.

15 The e-pioneer cuts through red tape.

16 The e-pioneer fights catagelophobia.

17 The e-pioneer fights doubt.

18 The e-pioneer fights fear.

19 The e-pioneer does not allow the tail to wag the dog.

20 The e-pioneer succeeds through little victories.

21 The e-pioneer does not take rejection personally.

22 The e-pioneer catches a chicken with stealth.

23 The e-pioneer keeps explanations simple.

24 When the horse taken to the water does not want to drink, the e-pioneer does not first blame the horse.

25 The e-pioneer is a good listener.

26 The e-pioneer finds innovative solutions to problems.

27 The e-pioneer does not hesitate to look a gift horse in the mouth.

28 The e-pioneer pushes the envelope.

29 The e-pioneer advocates wearing both belts and braces.

30 The e-pioneer learns a lesson from Grandma’s jam.

31 The e-pioneer avoids toolishness.

32 The e-pioneer is not intimidated by a dog in the manger.

33 The e-pioneer fights e-clutter.

34 The e-pioneer encourages teachers to find solutions.

35 The e-pioner avoids planning paralysis.

36 The e-pioneer leads by example.

37 The e-pioneer promotes the best – not the easiest – road.

38 The e-pioneer makes hay while the sun shines.

39 The e-pioneer views good as bad when excellence is available.

40 The e-pioneer plans on being misunderstood.

41 The e-pioneer is a discreet juggler.

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