Am I not too old to learn how to use a laptop?

Sunday, May 17th, 2009 | laptops, training

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – I am too old to learn modern technology,” you may say if you are a senior teacher.  When you say that do you really believe it?

Are you using a cell phone?  How old were you when you learned to use it?  Perhaps you felt the same way about a cell phone a few years ago as you are feeling about a laptop at present.  But you learned to operate a cell phone – at first just to make phone calls.  Later you discovered the value of a text message (SMS).  Now you may use it to take pictures of your grandchildren, or many of the other features your mobile device offers you.

Think about a laptop as just a bigger cell phone.  If you conquered a cell phone, you can conquer a laptop.  It all depends on how willing and eager you are to learn.

Many teachers in their fifties, sixties and seventies have already mastered the use of laptops and now proclaim that they can’t imagine life without them.  If you are a life long learner, this is what you will do – continue to learn new things as they come your way.

An extract from The Khanya Story may be of encouragement to you:

There are some teachers who may feel
  Too old for a new trick
Old dogs rebel – protest and squeal –
  Their painful wounds they lick

The opposite is often true
  – Life is not always grim –
Old ducks sometimes learn new things too
  And dogs can learn to swim

Oft older teachers do excel
  And learn an IT skill
All apprehensions they expel
  Not yet right o’er the hill

While you are still able to teach, you are not yet over the hill.  The education system needs your experience, passion and commitment – and above all, your example.  When you get the better of your laptop, you will be setting an example to the younger teacher generation.

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2 Comments to Am I not too old to learn how to use a laptop?

Abimbola Akanwo
Sunday, 17 May, 2009

Good post…

Learning new skills or a new technology should be fun. It is fun. With computers, laptop etc, the more we know the more we want to learn.

Age is immaterial. Live life to the full…

Here’s to a useful life, full of fun and joy…

Mark C
Sunday, 17 May, 2009

Thanks Kobus. That saying about old dogs I dislike with a passion. I was humbled by an experience a few years ago when we were asked to do ICT training with the community in Khayelitsha. We had young and old alike sitting in the computer room typing away. My instructions in English were translated into isiXhosa by a very helpful educator. Old fingers were slowly searching for the right buttons to press. Even though we did some simple typing in Word, the older folk in the room felt a sense of accomplishment. They had overcome another hurdle. In fact they wanted us to continue the program the following day. Unfortunately we couldn’t. There is very little difference in what can done with a desktop and a laptop.

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