How much will internet connectivity cost me?

Thursday, May 14th, 2009 | communication, laptops

Internet connectivity requires a line and an internet service provider (ISP).  Your internet cost is determined by how much you pay for these two items.  The hole in your pocket is further determined by the volume of data you download from the internet.

The rental of a slow dial-up line is lower than that of a broadband connection, but you pay for the time you are online.  Since you pay for the amount of data you use with a faster broadband connection, you may very well find that the higher line rental is offset by what you save on the data download cost.

A great variety of package deals are available from ISPs and you must shop around to find the option that suits your needs and your pocket.  In some cases the ISP may include the cost of the data line, which means that you only have to focus on one cost item.

The ISP options differ in terms of the level of service offered to you.  A package may have a cap – this means you are allowed to download data to a maximum level, say 3 gigabytes.  For this you pay a fixed monthly amount.  If you exceed this allowance, you pay an additional fee, based on the amount of data you download.

It may be best for you to start off with a package with a low cap – this would be the cheapest option.  Once you’ve used the internet for a while you will be able to determine your pattern of usage.  If you need more than your cap, carefully calculate what the additional cost is, how often you are likely to exceed the cap, and if it would be cheaper to upgrade to a package with a higher cap.

Keep in mind that some packages lock you into a contract for a fixed period, typically twenty-four months.

After this long explanation, back to the question: What will internet connectivity cost you?  There is no simple answer to this question.  The cost to you as an individual is determined by the package you negotiate with an ISP and the volume of data you wish to download from the internet.

If you can’t afford internet connectivity right now, you may be able to plug in at school to access the worldwide web.

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2 Comments to How much will internet connectivity cost me?

Mark C
Thursday, 14 May, 2009

I would suggest that a ‘normal’ user goes for a 1 gig cap and then pay-as-you go instead of buying a 2 gig or 3 gig of bandwidth and then not using what was bought. An example is that Telkom offers 1 gig for about R200. After this you can buy a R70/R80 voucher from Telkom/PicknPay or any other vendor.

Friday, 15 May, 2009

If you look at the cost to be connected to a worldwide LIBRARY with information that get updated every millisecond, then it is worth the price !!

Libraries are very good places with sources and information, but the “price” you pay to “wait” for and updated version on a specific topic is directly depended on timeframes – from the writer to write the book / article, the translator and editor to go through the protocol, then the publisher company, binding and packaging, ordering, delevering and invoice procedures and eventually on the shelves – timeframe ….?

Internet connectivity is maybe not the “cheapest” source of information, but it is just a click away !!


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