What can I do when my laptop runs out of memory?

Saturday, May 9th, 2009 | laptops, Maintenance

When it is suggested to you that your laptop is running out of memory, it could mean one of two things:

  • you need more random access memory (RAM)
  • you need a hard disk with more storage space.

You may be in need of more RAM if you’ve acquired programmes which demand more processing power than is currently on your laptop.  This does not happen very often.  It is only very specialized software, or perhaps new versions of existing programmes on your machine, that would require additional RAM.

The good news is that RAM is relatively inexpensive.  It is also quick and easy to add more RAM to your laptop.

If the need for more memory relates to the hard disk, you have several choices:

  • create space by removing unused files and defrag your hard disk
  • acquire an external hard drive, which you can plug into your laptop
  • upgrade the hard disk. 

When you purchase a new laptop, it likely has enough hard disk capacity for your needs.  But when you create many files, and load many pictures, music videos or movies on the disk, you may find that you need more space. 

Now you have to decide which option would be the best for you.  Files used only occasionally could be stored on removable disks or data sticks.  If you require quick access, an external hard drive could be the solution.  But if you don’t want the bother to cart other storage media with you, upgrading the hard disk would be the answer to the problem.

When a hard disk is upgraded, the old one is removed and replaced by a new one.

Just as you would only trust a brain surgeon with poking around in your brain, you are advised to let only experts replace the hard drive, or add RAM, to your laptop.

Expanding the memory of your computer is a simple matter – if only it were that easy to expand our human memories!

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Mark C
Friday, 15 May, 2009

When buying a laptop, find out the maximum amount of RAM you can put in it. Also determine your needs. An advertisement may say that a company is selling a laptop with 2 Gb of RAM. This may be the maximum amount of RAM you could put in the machine. If you need more….you can’t. For Windows a lot of RAM is required.

Tuesday, 23 February, 2010

It’s a very nice post.

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