Should I enrol for a commercial course to learn how to use my laptop?

Friday, May 1st, 2009 | laptops, training

A multitude of courses aimed at teaching you how to use a laptop are available from commercial training companies.  These courses are designed for the general public and not for teachers specifically.  You may want to consider a commercial course when:

  • other training opportunities are not available
  • you feel that other training options are not adequate
  • training accessible to you does not suit your personality or learning style
  • certification is important to you.

The advantages of enrolling in a commercial course are:

  • the course is structured
  • the presenter is a trained professional
  • it is accompanied by a formal certificate.

The disadvantages of enrolling in a commercial course are:

  • it could be expensive
  • the course is generic and not geared specifically to the needs of a teacher
  • the presenter may not understand the world of a teacher
  • the course may be presented at an awkward time.

Reputable training companies do excellent work in providing laptop training.  But be wary of the unscrupulous ones.  Check the references of the company before you enrol in a course.  It will be prudent to talk to others who have already done the course to determine the level of benefit you could expect.  Make sure you understand exactly what you will be taught, who the trainer is and what type of certification you will receive. 

Weighing up all of these factors will give you an indication of whether you should enrol for a commercial course to learn how to use a laptop, or not.  At times it may be the only option open to you – in that case you will be wise to make use of it.  If other training options are available, assess all of them and then decide what will best satisfy your needs.

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Friday, 1 May, 2009

Outstanding advice here. Commercial training is vital as it usually goes much deeper and covers specific areas that may not be addressed by free sources. Get a lot of input from current and prior users of the training prior to laying out any money.

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