When I learn to use a laptop, can I expect some form of accreditation?

Saturday, April 18th, 2009 | laptops

Many teachers are keen to embark on study programmes that lead to accreditation or recognized qualifications.  This is natural since better job opportunities are often linked to qualifications.

Learning to use a laptop will not lead directly to such outcomes, but it may take you there in an indirect way.

Let’s use an illustration.  When you went to school and learned to read and write, you were not directly accredited for that.  You had to pass a number of subjects to move from grade to grade.  But reading and writing skills helped you to study those topics which led to progressive levels of graduation.  It can therefore be said that learning to read and write was a stepping stone towards accreditation and receiving qualifications.

In a similar way learning to use a laptop may not give you direct accreditation, but it is a stepping stone for you to find accreditation in other areas.

Your laptop is a tool to find information, record facts, rearrange knowledge and present it in a clear format.  These are necessary skills when you are working towards accreditation or striving to acquire a qualification.

Distance learning is becoming a popular way of getting a qualification.  Here the ability to use a computer is a pre-requisite and is a direct link towards obtaining the qualification.

For the moment don’t focus too much on the destination.  View the process of learning to use the laptop as a pleasurable journey – you will be pleasantly surprised to discover where it may lead you.

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1 Comment to When I learn to use a laptop, can I expect some form of accreditation?

Mark C
Monday, 27 April, 2009

In two job interviews I was asked to prepare something on computer to show what level of expertise I have. On my CV it states a number of certificates I have obtained. These I believe opens the door to satisfying criteria required by prospective employers. The clincher may be that you demonstrate that you can use a computer. Saying that you can do something is not necessarily accepted as is.

Laptop accreditation – no. Some form of accreditation to show computer proficiency – Yes. In some countries in Europe you cannot get a job in goverment unless you have an ICDL. Can you use it to do your work?

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