What must I do to ensure that my laptop remains clean?

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 | laptops

There are two basic rules that you must follow:

Don’t expose your laptop to dust and dirt.

Remove dirt as soon as it becomes visible.

Dust is a big problem in many areas, particularly in informal settlements, or in places where there are dirt roads, or frequent sand storms.  In these areas it is particularly important to keep your laptop clean, but it is true wherever you are.

A few simple guidelines will help you to keep your machine clean:

Keep your working environment as dust free as possible.  Close the door and windows if you work in a room near to a dust road, or while a sand storm is raging.  If environmental factors change while you are working, change your location.

When not in use, keep the machine in a bag and close the bag.

Wash your hands before you use your laptop.  This is advice that is given to learners, but which adults often ignore.

Regularly clean the outside of the laptop.  Remove dirt when it becomes visible to you.

Have the inside of your laptop cleaned at least once a year.  Don’t attempt to do this yourself, unless you have technical expertise.  It is a task best left to an expert.  If the machine is still within its warranty period, first check what the warranty implications will be if you open the machine to clean it.

Don’t eat while you are working with your laptop.  Crumbs and pieces of food may fall between the keys of the keyboard and may even penetrate the circuitry.  Eating could make your fingers oily or sticky – touching the keys with those fingers makes the keys gluey and when dust settles on them, the result will be gooey mess.  If you ever cleaned a dirty keyboard, you will understand why it is important to keep food away from the laptop.

Avoid the temptation to drink coffee, tea or other beverages while working with the laptop.  Spilled liquid makes the machine tacky and when combined with dust, it becomes grime.  Liquids could also cause short circuits which may corrupt your data, or cause permanent harm to some of the electronic components of the machine.

It is not difficult to keep your laptop clean – just use your common sense.  Remember: prevention is better than cure.

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Tuanua Swartz
Wednesday, 15 April, 2009

Kobus: A very well written article. I ran a copy just for our teachers! It has great reminders we adults often forget about:-. Thank you!

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