How can I prevent my laptop from overheating?

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 | laptops, Maintenance

Heat is one of the great enemies of laptops.  Your machine generates a lot of heat – you can feel it when it is on your lap.  Many components are packed into a very small space, which makes it more difficult to cool than desktop computers.

Laptops are cooled by small fans which suck cool air from the environment through air vents, circulate it to cool down hot components, and then expel the hot air through the air vents.

The most important thing to prevent your laptop from overheating is to ensure optimal exposure to air.

Keep the laptop in a well-ventilated, cool environment and make sure that the air vents on the bottom, back, or sides of the machine, are never blocked.

Give your laptop enough breathing space by adhering to the following guidelines:

Don’t work with a laptop on your lap for long periods.  The name “laptop” suggests that the lap is the place where the machine belongs, but this is misleading.  The folds of your clothing would hinder a free flow of air.

Don’t use a pillow on your lap, since it prevents hot air from escaping under the laptop and causes parts to overheat.  It may be comfortable for your lap, but it kills your machine.

Don’t put the laptop on the bed when you work on it, for the same reason as not putting it on a pillow.  If you must work on your bed, put the laptop on a flat board and make sure that the air can circulate underneath and around it.

Don’t keep the laptop switched on when not in use.

Don’t put your laptop in a carry bag while it is switched on.

Don’t leave the laptop in a very hot room or in your car when it is hot.

Don’t let the laptop lie in direct sunlight.

Don’t use your machine in a dirty environment, since dust clogs around electronic components; this prevents these components from cooling down sufficiently.

Your laptop’s fan will cool it adequately under normal working conditions, but keep in mind that it is a very small fan and it needs your co-operation to do its work.

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Wednesday, 1 April, 2009

One can also purchase a variety of laptop cooling surfaces which conduct heat away from the machine or blow cold air onto the base.

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