Is it true that the screen of a laptop is very sensitive and can break easily?

Saturday, March 28th, 2009 | laptops, Maintenance

Yes, it is true.

The screen is a very sensitive part of a laptop.  It is called an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen, indicating that it is filled with liquid.

If you gently press with a finger on the screen you will notice that it gives way slightly – you can feel liquid moving beneath the outer layer – and you will also see that the screen changes colour.  Some people have the habit of pressing on the screen just to see the changing patterns.  Don’t do this!  Your screen can be damaged if too much pressure is applied to it or if you poke it with a pen or sharp object.  It is a good policy never to touch the screen with your finger or any object.

Be careful that you do not bump the screen or knock anything against it.  Although the outer layer of the screen is made of touch material, its resistance has limits.

The screen can also be damaged if you slam it shut.  Open and close it with care.

When you shut the laptop, make sure that there are no small items, such as pencils, pens, or small earphones, on the keyboard.  These can damage or scratch the screen.  Even the sharp edges of paper can cut the film of the screen if left on the keyboard when you close the machine.

The liquid of the screen may freeze when the laptop is exposed to very low temperatures and could cause permanent damage; it is likewise sensitive to high temperatures and when it expands it may render the screen dysfunctional.  Avoid exposing the laptop to extreme temperatures.  If your laptop was left outside (perhaps in your car) when it was very cold or very hot, first leave the machine for about half an hour to get to room temperature before you switch it on.

Don’t be scared to use your laptop screen – but keep in mind that it must be handled with care.

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Saturday, 28 March, 2009

I’m so glad to read this so I can show my husband. He is always pointing at stuff on my screen and ends up poking the screen. Then I fuss at him not to do that and he just says that it won’t hurt the screen. Now I can tell him that he is wrong (That is another whole subject! LOL) Thanks for this information.

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