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Saturday, January 21st, 2012 | Blogging

I was both surprized and amused when I received an email from someone in the USA informing me that e4Africa was nominated for the Most Fascinating Blog 2011 awards in the category Teaching Blog.

The decision of the panel who nominated this blog was based on a rather controversial posting that appeared in March 2011.  This particualr posting ruffled many feathers, evoked 322 emotion-laden comments and looking back, it is the one post I wish I’d never published.

If you find that posting fascinating, or think that e4Africa holds any fascination for you, please vote for it.  Simply click on the blue voting badge displayed on the right, search for e4Africa and cast your vote.  By doing this you are helping to put a proudly South African education blog on the map.

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Saturday, 21 January, 2012

Yes I will vote …. but the writing is on the wall ! This blog was doing a good deed for many years posting excellent blog items …. promoting Khanya and many other ICT related issues to get people to think, ponder, to make a decision, to gain some skills, to comment and to share some thoughts, but now Khanya is gone, dead, cremated and the final dusty ashes were flushed down the drain or rather down ….. the ocean!

Hard words, but this is/was the outcome…. it is so …. in life …..if anything is good and maybe a challenge to whoever / whatever …. if something is perfoming GOOD, or even better THAT GOOD …that EXTRAORDINARY PERFORMANCE delivery process should be …. stopped ….kill it now ! Don’t let it continue with its superb goals ! It’ (Khanya) task was done, very good and exceptionally outstanding contributions were made to schools, educators and learners in the area of ICT, EIAWB and curriculum delivery and integration! Yes later, 10 years later the “ocean liner” was dooomed, its service period done…. and to no avail could anyone or anything extended the survival and ongoing service delivery process of the Project … if it just could have been changed into another domain with the same goals, then ICT would have been “saved” in SA and Western Cape Schools …. but all the efforts to try to save it … to prolonged its good service delivery to the learners …. it was runnig out of time and too close to the reef near the coast…. it toplled ….it went down … and with its very fast sinking scenario many “passengers” drowned (including myself if I look at my prensent work / no work situation)…… the captain of the Costa Concordia made a calculated error … the result was a disaster .. a major ocean liner was transformed into a crippled vessel … and the captain … Francesco Schetinno …. he insisited by standing on the shoreline he was “trying” to “coordinate” the rescue efforts. March 2011 controversial … or rather relevant posting and the flood of comments highlighted the dismay by so many ordinary people about the sinking Khanya ocean liner (or project). Even more so the way / process of dismantling the project leaving behind a “bitter taste” – even till today.

I think I have said enough. I will vote, but will it make a difference to the goals and efforts that were set by Khanya ? Will the blog be able to revive the situation ? I know the answer in my head !

Thanks for challenging the decision-makers trying to save, to change the direction and desperately seeking new avenues to keep the process of ICT delivery still alive.

Kobus van Wyk
Sunday, 22 January, 2012

Thanks Albie, for your ongoing support. Believe me, I share your concerns and frustrations. Dare we give up in seeking to make e-learning a reality in our schools, even if we are doing so against great odds? Never! The way I know you, you WILL fall on your feet!

Sunday, 22 January, 2012

Yes, that was indeed a fascinating blog posting – it definitely has my vote!

Khanya’s journey over the past year has in itself been fasciniating. I have learnt some valuable, but difficult lessons about the transient nature of all our contributions to education – like a puff of wind and they are gone.

I hope and pray that all the children whose eyes I have seen light up with enthusiasm as they have sat in front of Khanya computers, will retain that spark and yearning to learn. This country needs children with computer skills, but more importantly with hope and determination and tenacity: children who will not give up their learning journey even when the education system fails them.

Monday, 23 January, 2012

It was good to vent some frustrations with e-learning on this blog. While some of us have gone back to the classroom, others have found work elsewhere and the rest are battling to find employment. I was incredibly lucky, but my views on what needs to be done has still not changed. While I am no longer directly involved in the school setup, I still have the yearning to see every school being a centre of excellence with ICT playing an integral part. My support for e-learning in school has never died down. I miss the Khayelitsha schools as well as the team I worked with. I say this without reservation. I have had a new beginning and thus far I am satisfied with what we achieved in the Khanya Project and I’m happy where I am thus far.
Regards to all.

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