CAPS: using cell phones to assist teachers and parents

Saturday, January 14th, 2012 | education

As thousands of young South Africans start a 13 year journey from which they will emerge in 2025, the question on many lips is: will the outcome be any different from the class of 2011 as yet another adjustment is made to the national curriculum?  It is not only the learners who face the new academic year with trepidation, but  educators too as they implement the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) for Grades R to 3 and Grade 10. Other grades will be implemented in 2013 and 2014.

Cell phones – the gateway to enhanced learning

What is CAPS?

Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) are single, comprehensive, and concise policy documents to replace the current Subject and Learning Area Statements, Learning Programme Guidelines and Subject Assessment Guidelines for all subjects listed in the National Curriculum Statement Grades R to 12.  ( )

Teaching a curriculum that has been revised, changed, amended, adapted and reworked a number of times in the past 17 years, educators may rightly be concerned about how they will adopt the new system in their class in 2012. “Don’t despair; help is at hand!” says Kathy McCabe.

Kathy McCabe, CEO of Radical Learning, a training and skills development enterprise and software developer operating throughout South Africa, has developed a new product to support educators in implementing CAPS using cell phone technology. Says McCabe: “We have designed simple, effective daily lesson plans for teachers to use in maths and literacy from Grade R to Grade 3. With the companion product, a weekly homework activity schedule, parents too can keep up to date with what their children are learning.  Much needed support is available at the touch of a cell phone button! All that a teacher or parent needs is a cell phone that can access the internet.”

With cell phone penetration in South Africa at almost 100%, this aid to CAPS support is accessible to educators, learners and parents in even the most remote rural areas. Teachers can engage parents’ support by sending a cell phone message informing them of the homework schedule a week in advance. “The CAPS curriculum will be executed in such a way that all teachers around the country will be teaching the same concepts at approximately the same time. This makes the Radical Learning “teach CAPS” material practical and accessible for educators in all provinces.” says McCabe.

To try out these free samples online choose the website for the relevant grade:

Grade R –

Grade 1 –

Grade 2 –

Grade 3 –

For more information on “teach CAPS” contact Kathy McCabe at or send an sms to 072 048 1089.

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Mariaan Bester
Monday, 16 January, 2012

What about the use of cellphones by officials? In rural areas much time is wasted when officials drive from one school to another. There are many ways to complete admin and reports on cell phones. I cannot wait to explore the exciting world of android phones.

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