How can a laptop benefit a teacher?

Monday, October 31st, 2011 | education, laptops

Why should teachers consider buying a laptop?  Of what use will it be to them?

A teacher reading the book "Laptops for Teachers"

Laptops have many uses.  Just consider this simple suggestion:

Take a laptop with you to meetings and type up the minutes as the discussion progresses – it saves time later.

Teachers are expoected to attend so many meetings of which minutes have to be written later.  The value of doing the minutes while the meeting is in progess should be clear.

The most useful thing about a laptop is its mobility:

Laptops allow teachers to communicate, work and learn wherever they are. 

Laptops allow teachers to be more productive – with it they can work whenever they have some time available for it.

Mobile technology makes whenever-wherever work possible.  Wise teachers make use of it … but they remember that the best mobile device avaialble to them remains the brain.

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Tuesday, 1 November, 2011

I enjoy the idea of educators using a laptop as a tool in his/her professional and private activities. I also agree that “that the best mobile device avaialble to them remains the brain.”

In my opinion, the iPad2 has now become the second best mobile device available to educators.

Christo Davids
Tuesday, 1 November, 2011

I recently walked into a classroom and on the teacher’s table was a laptop. We had a short conversation about the value of a laptop for teaching and one of the things the teacher mentioned was that the laptop replaced all the files and papers that used to lie around on his table. Unfortunately he does not use it for teaching (yet). Hopefully that will come with time.

As a company we have long identified the need and value of a laptop for a teacher. Allow me to announce that we are launching our technology bundle this month. It consists of a laptop, connectivity, a cell phone and Kobus’s book, Laptops for Teachers … all for only R199.00 x 24 months. On top of that we also provide training on how to use the technology effectively for teaching. It is my opinion that this is really affordable and it’s an opportunity that every teacher should take advantage of.

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