A few tips to secure your school’s ICT resources

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 | security

With the increase of crime in many of our communities, it is important to secure the school’s ICT resources.  Consider whether all of the following are in place in your school:

The ceiling:  a favourite entry point for criminals – if your ceiling is not made of concrete, reinforce it with steel mesh.

The walls: if not made of brick and mortar, they must be built up to enhance security.

The windows: must be secured – a minimum requirement is strong burglar bars.

The door: a steel safe door, or a steel security cage, should protect the entrance to your school’s computer room. 

An alarm system: with motion detection equipment must be installed to protect valuable ICT resources.

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Mark C
Tuesday, 9 August, 2011

The most important security aspect left out is people. This seems to be the biggest threat to security despite having everything else in place.

The other is a comprehensive insurance that is revised annually as well as a backup plan for when things go wrong despite all efforts.

Monday, 15 August, 2011

There is more to security than the eye observe.
Read all small print when signing up with Insurance Company. Cheap can also mean less coverage
Make sure 24 hour security armed response is reliable and registered. Test their service rendered.
Check alarm systems daily and inform the security Company immediately.
Alarm wires should be securely stored in iron casing and should not be easily traceable or accessible
Take stock of all hardware equipment per month/term (Inventory check), to secure that all items are still intact and accounted for. It is surprising how small items can disappear such as headphones or a mouse.
Secure all new or upgraded technology.
Secure the Safety of technology lab/rooms keys
Keep Laptops and data projectors in the Strong room after hours, if staying in a high crime area.
Secure laptops and data projectors through signing technology out, utilizing a daily log book, for record keeping.
Secure Internet expense, printing costs, through Acceptable user policies, in order staff and learners understand the consequences of irresponsibility.
Security concerning the Internet poses a big problem for schools. With the New faster Internet Broadband envisage for South Africa, more Global Internet traffic can harm safe Internet surfing. It should be communicated to School managers and staff effectively on hacking and safety measures to stop illegal or harmful surfing and high virus activity that can influence resourceful curriculum delivery.

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