Internet connectivity for schools

Thursday, June 30th, 2011 | internet

The value of the internet can not be questioned. All efforts to provide connectivity to schools deserve your support and applause.

However (there is alway a ‘however’!)

Such a bridge may be fashionable ... but of what practical use is it?

 … the promise of connectivity to schools who do not have technology in working order, is like the promise of a bridge where there is no river.

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Mark C
Friday, 1 July, 2011

Strange that an audit was done without our input to ensure this internet connectivity. A private company is paid to do this while we are in the field and can provide the info. The “auditors” as well as some of SNA’s contacted me to ask what type of internet they have. VSAT, ADSL, dialup(in a few cases) and WiFi. Now how do people go into the field and not know the tech? In fact, maybe WCED could pay me for doing the audit or…maybe I could do it for nothing since the project pays me a salary. This shows me that WCED has money….to waste.

The powers-that-be will find a lot different things at different schools. Good luck to them. I want schools to have the best internet they can get at the best price possible but first check if the tech works. They is now a great mix of tech in schools with varying degrees of functionality and environmental conditions. I hope the audit shows what they challenges they will encounter and how the WCED will overcome them.

As Mr Schreuder said once:”What is it to click on a few sites to open them and teach with them?” Well, you will find out Mr S. Talk is cheap, but the doing bit is more difficult.

Job Space
Tuesday, 30 August, 2011

It is vital importance for schools to provide IT internet. The amount of useful resources available online can help learners get a grasp local and international information.

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