How much will laptop peripherals cost me?

Saturday, March 7th, 2009 | Computer Usage, laptops

This question is the same as asking: “How much will a vacation cost me?”  It all depends where you want to go; how long you intend to be away; and what you want to do.  The same is true of the cost of peripherals: it depends on where you want to use your laptop, how long you will be working at different locations and what functions you want to perform.

The problem with peripherals is that they are incredibly attractive.  When you see a new laptop accessory – either one someone else is using, or in a computer shop, or at an exhibition – it is so appealing.  You may feel that you simply must have it.  When blown away by superb technology it is often difficult to distinguish between needs and wants.

The following suggestions may be useful to help you stay within your budget:

First identify your true needs – be brutally honest with yourself in deciding whether the item is a mere want or a true need.

Estimate how much the peripheral will be used – some gadgets may be utilized once or twice, but when the novelty has worn off, it is never used again.

Ask others what value they derive from this accessory and how often they actually use it.

Can you afford it?  If you can’t, consider delaying the purchase until you can.

Shop around for the best price.

Since many laptop peripherals are not much more than fashion accessories, they will add to the cost of acquiring a laptop, without necessarily increasing its functionality.

Three things to be aware of are:

  • short-lived fads and gadgets
  • peer pressure
  • impulsive buying.

Peripherals could be beneficial additions to your laptop.  Unfortunately too many of them land in a gadget graveyard.  Think carefully before you buy one.

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Albie MINIMUM Peripherals
Sunday, 8 March, 2009

Keep it to the minimum – otherwise you laptop will look like a glorified ws !! Just the bare basic – remember – a laptop is just a moveable electronic device to do something you can’t do @ home or @ the office.


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