Cyber bullying and sexting a reality in our schools

Thursday, January 27th, 2011 | Computer Usage, internet

Teachers, are you able to teach your learners the necessary skills so that they can protect themselves against cyber bullying and sexting?

Dangerous mix: The instant online life of cellphones combined with the poor impulse control make adolescents particularly vulnerable to online bullying.  (According to Lisa Skinner, M&G)

The Mail&Guardian carried an article on 21 January 2011 highlighing the dangers of cyber bullying and sexting, emphasizing that they are realities in our schools.

The article ends with good advice to learners, teachers and parents.  Do yourself and your learners a favour by reading it.

If we do not educate our children against the dangers of the cyber world, we are failing as educators – and as an education system.  What is the use of teaching children to read and write and count, but allowing them to be consumed by depravity?

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Judge Tom
Thursday, 27 January, 2011

After 23 years in juvenile court, I believe that teenagers often learn from the experiences of their peers, not just from being lectured by those in authority. Consequently, “Teen Cyberbullying Investigated” was published in 2010.

Endorsed by Dr. Phil ["Bullied to Death"], “Teen Cyberbullying Investigated” presents real cases of teens in trouble over their online and cell phone activities. Civil & criminal sanctions have been imposed on teens over their emails, blogs, text messages, Facebook and YouTube posts and more. TCI is interactive and promotes education & awareness so that our youth will begin to “Think B4 U Click.”

Thanks for looking at “Teen Cyberbullying Investigated” on [publisher] or on [a free website for & about teens and the laws that affect them.]
Regards, -Judge Tom

Keezin Mosime
Wednesday, 27 July, 2011

Can you stop somebody you know and tell them not 2go on cyberbulling

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