What are the ghosts of technology?

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 | technology

We have all heard about ghosts – and may even be scared of them – but few of us have seen them.  Often the things people see as ghosts later turn out to be something else, such as a pale donkey grazing in the moonlight, or a newspaper swept by the wind against a bush.  Just in case ghosts exist some folks refuse to venture near a graveyard around midnight – they are scared stiff at the mere possibility of ghosts. 

Technology has its share of ghosts as well – those horror stories we’ve heard, never experienced ourselves, but which all the same scare us and cause us to steer clear of technology.  Many of these ghosts are not real – they are something that could be explained.  In most cases it is the ignorance of people using technology that results in trouble. 

You must put these ghosts to rest if you want to progress in the use of technology.  Among the scary things you have to understand are the following:

Amidst all the good stuff on the internet is a lot of filth.  Pornography, cyber bullying and sexting are just a few of them.  The presence of these things scares many educators into not using technology at all.

Technology has made people redundant in the past – won’t it make teachers redundant too?

Computer viruses are dangerous things – what do I do when they destroy my technology?

Won’t someone take control of my computer over the internet and draw all my money from the bank?

Technology will change the way I teach – why should I do this when I am comfortable in what I’m doing?

What happens if I suddenly lose all the data on my computer?

How will I cope if technology lets me down while I’m using it to present a lesson?

Some claim technology has no positive impact on learning – won’t my technology become a white elephant

These ghosts will continue to haunt you until you confront them.  Look for the answers to these issues and you will rid yourself of unnecessary fears.

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Wednesday, 5 January, 2011

Another ghost are those negative thoughts swirling in the brain of:
I’m no good at technology.
It takes too long to learn all this stuff.

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