Can technology improve learning in the classroom?

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010 | Learners, technology

It doesn’t matter how many technology devices you bring into the classroom – if they don’t have a positive impact on learning the investment is wasted.  How can you ensure that technology will improve learning among your learners?

Better teaching leads to better learning.  When technology improves the teaching abilities of a teacher it must have a beneficial impact on learning in the classroom.  You make a personal contribution towards improved learning when you:

  • optimize the use of technology for the preparation of your lessons
  • optimize the use of technology for innovative presentation of your lessons.

What about a more direct benefit to learners when they engage with technology?  Is it possible?  Yes, if the technology is used to transform the classroom into one where learners are encouraged to have greater involvement in the learning process.

The classroom of today was designed a few centuries ago – little has changed since.  Learners sit at desks, mostly facing a blackboard, while a teacher chalks and talks.  This might have been good enough until a few decades ago, but it no longer provides an environment conducive to learning for today’s learners – they are bored to death in a classroom devoid of technology!

You can use the fascination of children with technology to your advantage.  But don’t be deluded – technology itself will not bring about improved learning.  It can only act as a catalyst.  By allowing learners to see and touch and do you grab their interest.

Technology allows the children in your class to be involved in the learning process.  They can use electronic tools to practice skills, find information and then learn to present their new knowledge in innovative ways.  But remember: it is not the technology that brings about improved learning – it is what happens as a result of what they do with the technology that has an impact on improved learning.

When learners are involved in an activity they enjoy, they are more inclined to be attentive.  This leads to better class disciplineAn attentive and disciplined class, in turn, leads to improved learning.  No question about it – technology in the hands of a skilled teacher can have a positive influence on learners.

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[...] Information and communication technology (ICT) can be a valuable tool in the hands of teachers when used skillfully.  ICT has great potential as a productivity tool, helping teachers to save time and energy.  It is also great as a teaching tool, as well as a learning tool. [...]

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