How can technology help me with lesson presentation?

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 | technology

If you think technology is a great help to you while you prepare your lessons, it will be an even greater help to you when you present your lessons.  A variety of technology devices are designed specifically to support lesson presentation. 

You need a computer in the classroom to begin with.  But it is impossible for a large group of learners to see what is happening on the small screen of a computer or a laptop.  When you link a data projector to your computer you’ll be able to project a much larger image on a screen or a wall.  An interactive whiteboard takes you one step further – learners can interact with it as if it is an interactive touch screen.  Other electronic devices extend the use of technology even further.  You can cash in on the love of children for technology to make your lessons more interesting.

A few examples of how you can enhance your teaching with technology follow:

Learners become bored and distracted when you spend time to write notes on the board.  Technology makes it possible for you to prepare notes ahead of time and then to display them at an appropriate point during the lesson.  Using less time for writing leaves you more time for teaching.

Children love pictures and each one tells a story – they illustrate important points, or difficult concepts, by means of interesting images.  You can introduce sessions with a captivating picture, diagram or even a video clip, thereby setting the scene for the session and helping the class to focus on the purpose of the lesson; these images can likewise be used as part of your lesson presentation to illustrate concepts.

Interactive tools encourage learners to be involved in the lesson – that helps to keep their attention.

Technology can keep one group of learners busy while you are attending to another group.

After using technology in your class for a while, you will discover – as many other teachers have done – that there are many ways in which you can use it in your classroom and that you never want to be without it again!

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