Of what value is a voting system in my classroom?

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010 | technology

Once you’ve introduced basic technology – a computer, a data projector and perhaps an interactive whiteboard – into your classroom you may feel the time is ripe to add other technologies.  One of them is a voting system – also called a response system.

A voting system is ideal for continuous assessment, but it can do far more for you.  Let’s look at a few ways in which a voting system adds value in your classroom:

An entire class can interact simultaneously when clickers are in use – no more passive observers in the classroom!  You’ll receive responses from each child in the class, not only from those who are always first to put up their hand!

Assessment becomes an integral part of each lesson – pause and ask a question to determine if the learners are still with you.  This serves a dual purpose: learners consolidate learning while you use the information to direct your teaching in a more effective way.

Some learners are shy and hardly ever take part in class discussions.  Anonymous responses via the clickers make it easier for them to participate.

A big portion of examination papers in some subjects are in the form of multiple choice questions.  Learners who have difficulty with this assessment mode gain valuable experience when you use a voting system throughout the year.

Most voting systems provide you with detailed learner response information.  If voting units are assigned to particular learners, you will be able to see the response of each child.  This information can be stored and used to build up a year mark. In addition, it enables you to identify which learners need more assistance.

If you’re brave and you really want to know how your learners experience your teaching, ask a question such as: “Give me a mark out of 10 for today’s lesson.”  You may be surprised to learn how your learners feel about your lessons!

The real magic of a voting system is that learner response results are available immediately – no more waiting for answer sheets to be collected and no more marking!

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