What happens if I lose all my data?

Sunday, December 19th, 2010 | security, technology

Once you start working with technology in the classroom you’ll soon be accumulating lesson plans, lesson presentations, worksheets, pictures, learner score sheets and other information that you’ll use and re-use.  After a while, when you add up all the hours you’ve spent on creating these things, and allocate a monetary value to each hour spent, you’ll be surprised to find that the value of the information you created exceeds the amount you’ve paid for your hardware and software.

If you lose your equipment, you will be able to recover it by means of your insurance policy.  But what happens if you lose your data? 

“Lose my data!” you may gasp.

Yes, many things can cause you to lose your data:

When your computer is stolen you lose your data with your machine – you will be able to replace your computer but there is no way of getting the data back.

A virus attack frequently wipes out all the data on the computer, or leaves it in such a state that it is of no use to you.

An accident – dropping a computer or knocking it off a table or spilling a cup of coffee on it – may damage the hard drive of the computer to such an extent that the data on it can’t be recovered.

At times the hard disk of your computer crashes unexpectedly – though no fault of your own.  If that happens you are at risk of losing all your hard work.

A sudden power surge may corrupt all the data stored on your computer.

It makes sense to protect the investment you’ve made in your data.  The only way to do this is through a backup – this means making a copy of all the data you’ve created and accumulated.

Once you’ve made a backup your data is safe.  It doesn’t matter what happens to the computer – the loss of a computer does not mean you’ve lost your data.  You simply load the copied data onto a repaired or new computer and carry on working as before. 

A backup is your insurance policy – a very cheap one – that will protect you in case you lose your data.

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Mark C
Sunday, 19 December, 2010

The backup drive is good but it needs to be checked as it can also fail. DVDs are a good option, but it should not be scratched or exposed to extreme environmental changes. They can also degrade after a long time. Another option is to use online repositories like Ubuntu one and Dropbox. Both are fairly easy to use and you get 2 GB free to try. Later, if more space is required you can buy it online. It is relatively cheap. I’m not sure how they insure privacy, ownership of data and what happens they they lose your data.

There are options!

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