Why should I allow technology to change the way I teach?

Saturday, December 18th, 2010 | technology

We are unaware of some fears until we have to face them.  Metasthesiophobia – the fear of change – is one of them.

As a teacher you may feel comfortable in your job, having done fine work over the years.  Now you are confronted with technology and you wonder, “What is wrong with the way I’m teaching without the use of technology?  I managed fine till now – why should I change a winning recipe?”

In all likelihood metathesiophobia does not present itself to you in the form of cold sweats or a dry mouth.  Perhaps it is not so much a fear of the changes technology brings about in the classroom, but rather a feeling of anxiety that you don’t have the time and energy to cope with these changes.

Life is susceptible to changes – technology has changed the world considerably since the time you qualified as a teacher.  We now communicate in different ways – just think about cell phones, text messages and e-mails – and the internet has changed the way in which we find information.

You can’t afford to remain static in a changing world.  Accepting the challenges of technology is exciting – it helps you to keep pace with what is happening around you.  When you embrace technology it opens opportunities for you and your learners to grow and stay in tune with the world around us.

Why did you become a teacher in the first place?  Perhaps you said, “I want to make a difference; I want to improve the circumstances of children.”  Do you still feel that way?  If you do, do you believe that you can bring about a change for others if you’re not willing to make changes yourself?  If teaching is your passion, you will make whatever changes are necessary to meet the changing needs of your learners.

When you discover a tinge of metathesiophobia in yourself do some self reflection – remind yourself why you are a teacher.

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Mark C
Sunday, 19 December, 2010

While I agree with changing with the times, we need to assess the appropriate nature of change. In our project we were at times too hasty with change and sometimes we were too slow. The same went for the WCED. The other thing is that changing too frequently or too much allows people to constantly be unsettled and unsure. This was the crap our department of education and ourselves created. We must not change because of change’s sake. Rather, change should be a calculated risk. Worthwhile. We cannot go after every whim and fancy. The education field does not operate like other fields of work. You cannot chop-and-change at will and then expect great results. In any case, does good results always ensure good education? I don’t think so. While I am all for change, they are traditional methods that work as good modern methods. A good teacher knows what needs to be done, is open to change, but knows whether her/his pupils can cope with it or not. Currently, the proof is that the change was not good. Now we have to change again….but is it appropriate, timeous and worthwhile? I hope so.

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