Won’t technology purchased today be outdated soon?

Friday, December 17th, 2010 | technology

In two years from now textbooks that have not even been written will be available.  Does that mean you must do without textbooks until the latest ones become available?  Surely not – you’ll just continue using what you have!

The same can be said of technology, which advances at a mind-boggling rate.  In two years from now technology that has not even been designed will be available – as a result some say, “The best time to buy technology is in two years’ time.”  This may seem like good economic advice, but is it realistic?

If you keep postponing the purchase of technology for your classroom you will be like a person who is forever chasing the end of a rainbow in the quest for the pot of gold.  You’ll never find it and, while chasing around, you’re losing out on the enjoyment of the glorious colours.

By not making use of current technology, you are losing out on potentially beneficial tools.  You can’t put things off forever.  The best time to have planted a tree was twenty years ago, but if you have not planted one yet, the best thing you can do is to plant one now.  Those teachers who started using technology twenty years ago would have refreshed it several times by now – but imagine how skilled they are today!

If you already have technology in your classroom, and it serves the needs of you and your learners right now, it is a different matter.  You may decide to wait a while with an upgrade or replacement of equipment to benefit from the latest features.

If you don’t have technology in your classroom, you must consider two compelling reasons why you should not wait for the latest versions:

As a teacher you can’t afford to wait any longer to become a skilful user of technology teaching tools.  Every day you delay is a day too much.

Learners need to be exposed to technology now.  The world around us demands a familiarity with technology.  A classroom devoid of technology does not allow learners to develop skills necessary to cope with the pressures of the twenty-first century.

Don’t agonize over possible technology changes – the equipment you purchase today will still be useful for a number of years.  The skills you and your learners build now will far outweigh the new technology features that may become available in the future.

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dereck marnewıck
Sunday, 19 December, 2010

Kobus, as you know, I follow your blog quıte closely.
Thıs postıng ıs absolutely brıllıant, ıt ıs deservıng of an award.
If only those ınvolved ın technology decısıon makıng would take note.

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