Should I insure the technology in my classroom?

Sunday, December 12th, 2010 | Sustainability, technology

In high crime areas, insurance can be a life-saver of the technology in your classroom.  You lock up all your devices or you bolt them down, and just when you think you’re safe, your classroom becomes a target of criminals.  For many schools this could be the end of technology.  No funds may be available to replace the stolen items – unless your insurance company replaces them.

Some schools decide to take the risk and don’t insure their technology.  What should you do?  Should you insure your equipment?  It is a personal decision, which must be based on various factors:

How great is the risk?  The risk of theft is higher in some areas than others.  Some classrooms are more vulnerable than others.  You must consider all environmental factors to inform your decision.

Will you be able to afford a replacement if you lose the equipment?  Once you start working with technology in your classroom you may become dependent on it and you may find it difficult to operate without it.  If you can’t afford to replace it with available funds, an insurance policy makes sense.

What is the school’s view on insurance?  Some schools follow a strategy of self-insurance, which means that they’re willing to take the risk and are saving money for a contingency.

If you do decide to insure your classroom technology, there are more questions to consider:

Have you read the small print?  Insurance policies contain specific conditions.  Make sure that the policy covers you for the most likely risks that you are facing.

What needs to be insured?  Decide whether some or all of your technology devices must be insured.  Your insurance premium can be reduced if you insure against only certain disasters – flooding and fire may be excluded if you believe that theft is your greatest risk.

Can you include your classroom technology in your school’s insurance, or must you negotiate a separate policy?  Find out which option will be the best deal for you.

Whatever you decide regarding insurance, remember: the best form of insurance is to take sensible steps to safeguard your equipment.

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Mark C
Thursday, 16 December, 2010

My schools have gone through a torrid time with burglaries. A low light for me in 2010 was the constant reporting of burglaries. I take stealing from schools very personally, yet i fear that some of them are their own worst enemies (sorry to say this). My colleagues and I have gone around to schools to warn, beg and short of threatening we feel we have done almost everything to get schools to understand the concept of protecting their assets. I feel that
(a) many schools are apathetic by not securing themselves adequately despite our project helping them.
(b) many schools do not report burglaries. I think there is a fear of something….police? departmental officials? Khanya Project? Thieves?…I don’t know
(c) many schools do not claim from insurance for various reasons which includes negligence, inside jobs, lapsed or inadequate policies or just apathy.
(d) armed response companies have a poor record of response (non-response or poor response). Being on a neighbourhood watch and armed response company network I know what they do and how they do it. The companies that are contracted to the schools are inadequate.
(e) ITcrimes tends to be a reactive concept. After a burglary then something happens. What is good is that they have a very good document that is pro-active.
(f) in the insurance industry there are sharks who make money off the schools but do not provide a proper service
(g) I do not think teachers have enough knowledge to secure their assets and to deal with different security issues which includes insurance.

I think that schools need much more staff than just teachers. There are issues that other administrative staff can deal with so that teachers can get on with the job of teaching.

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