What are the recurring costs that I can expect when I bring technology into my classroom?

Friday, December 10th, 2010 | technology

Recurring costs are predictable – they refer to those expenses that come back on a regular basis – monthly or annually.  Don’t overlook these costs when you plan to bring technology into your classroom – in many instances they exceeds the initial cost of the technology you bring into your classroom. 

Here are a few of the recurring costs you can expect:

Consumables may turn out to be the biggest recurring cost for which you have to budget.  The amount of consumables you use – such as paper and toner – will vary according to your particular classroom practice.  Light bulbs of data projectors can be viewed as consumables; even though they last quite long, they are very expensive to replace.  Don’t forget to budget for cleaning materials to clean your equipment, as well as the environment.

When you purchase software, consider the matter of licence fees.  It may work out better to purchase software where no such fees are required.  When software does require an annual fee, make sure you will have funds to cover it otherwise you will find yourself without the use of the product. 

Even though most classroom technologies do not consume too much electricity – and so won’t result in too high a cost – don’t leave this out of your calculation of recurring costs.

Insurance is advisable in the case of expensive items that are likely to be lost, such as computers and data projectors.

The cost of internet connectivity will vary according to the way you use the internet in the classroom, as well as the current contract the school has with an internet service provider.

Upgrades and maintenance are not required often, but you must plan for costs related to keeping your equipment current.

It is important to have estimates of all the recurring costs to give you an idea of the amount you have to budget for monthly, annually, and over a longer period.

Sometimes a more expensive set of equipment is offset by lower recurring costs – bear this in mind when you purchase technology for your classroom.

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