How can reading blogs help teachers?

Friday, December 3rd, 2010 | Blogging, technology

Blogs have the potential of helping a teacher in two ways: you can read them and you can create them.

Let’s look at one way in which reading blogs can be of benefit to you.

Suppose you are struggling to teach a particular topic – you know the theory, but you find it difficult to get the information across to your learners.  When you search the web you will find loads of information about the topic, but some of it may be similar to information you find in a text book.  Your problem is how to teach the topic.  This is where blogs can fill the gap.

Bear in mind that most blogs are published by people like you – ordinary people who want to share their experience with others.  Some of these bloggers are teachers – your colleagues – and write from a perspective of personal experience.  They may work and live on the other side of the globe, but they grapple with problems similar to yours.  When they find a solution to a teaching problem, they’re keen to share their knowledge, and so they blog about it.  Through their blogs they’re talking to you – teacher to teacher.

An added advantage of reading teacher blogs is the comments made by other teachers.  They may report on how useful they find the advice or comment on alternative ways in which they have approached the matter.  By reading these comments you’re benefiting from a multitude of practitioners and the beauty of it all is that you are not learning the theory but the practical application of the material.

The value you derive from these blogs will peak once you become involved by adding your comments.  Some of these comments are suggestions but they may be requests for advice.  How useful when other readers respond to your comments – soon you will have a global network of supporting colleagues!

Blogs are likewise useful when you want to improve your expertise in the use of technology in the classroom.  Your colleagues have trod the way before you and their experience is only a mouse click away.

Your first challenge is to find blogs relevant to your needs.  Once you’ve found them, bookmark them and read them regularly.  Comment freely.  Make them a significant part of your PLN (personal learning network).

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Friday, 3 December, 2010

Blogging brings different minds together on a particular subject. Language , Mathemtics , Science [to mention but a few learning areas] can use Blogs effectively to get learners to think or offer their view and understanding of different topics. Khanya is planning a Apple blogging workshop in February 2011. The the Primary School educators, principals and learners involved in the Apple Pilot will then be shown the value of blogging. It will follow the same format as the iCanAnimate workshops.

Saturday, 4 December, 2010

Blogs are valuable www sites to get ideas on how to enhance your curriculum and to make your lessons interesting. I see a blog as a resource (e.g. digital file / diary / book) to get some ideas and use them. Blogs is “spreading” a mind revival concept.

In short – good educational blogs are a SHARING of IDEAS concept that can be used (or not) to improve LITNUM in schools by using other bloggers (in many cases educational and ICT experts) expertise to improve your teachnig skills that will have a riplle effect on the learners “mind”.


[...] reading the blogs of experts and fellow teachers is most beneficial to you, the greatest value of blogs [...]

Thursday, 16 December, 2010

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