How can the internet help me to build technology skills?

Monday, November 29th, 2010 | internet

The information held on hundreds of thousands of computers around the world – all linked together to form the internet – is in effect without limit.  Anything you want to learn can be found on the internet.  This includes knowledge about the use of technology in the classroom.

Of course, all of this information is accessible to you only if you are connected to the internet.  If you want to use the internet to improve your technology skills it is best if you have it available at home so that you can use it when it is convenient for you.

Once you have internet access, the next step is to learn how to google.  Google is the name of one of a number of search engines  – programs used to search for information on the internet  – but it has become so popular that its name is now used as a verb.  Googling is easy.  It’s like looking up information in a library – just easier.

When you want to learn how to use a particular technology device, you simply type the name of the device into Google and you will receive a string of references – perhaps thousands of them.  You can make your exploration more meaningful if you are more specific when you specify your search.  Let’s illustrate this by means of an example:

A grade three teacher has an interactive whiteboard (IWB) in her classroom and wants to learn how to use it to improve literacy among her learners.  If she types in ‘IWB’ she will get several million references.  But if she makes her search more specific by typing in ‘IWB how literacy grade 3’ she will receive a shorter list, but the articles will be more focused on her immediate need – some will give examples, lesson plans or worked examples; others may contain useful tips and techniques from other teachers who already did what this teacher now wants to do.

While browsing around the internet in search of information that can help you to master technology in the classroom, you will come across sites that you like.  You can bookmark these sites by storing them under ‘Favourites’ on your internet browser or by using programs available at no cost through the internet, such as Diigo.

As a skilled internet user, you’ll be able to use this technology to become expert users of other technologies.

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Monday, 29 November, 2010

I = I
N = Need
T = Teaching Topics Through Technological Tools
E = Everyday that’
R = Readily
N = Navigable + an
E = Easy, userfriendly
T = Tool to use = internet!

So, get wise, get internet wise ! Just today I spoke to and educator who taught for 10 years in the UK. He told me that, despite the sophisticated technological equipment in the classrooms, every classroom got ICT, for e.g. computers, data projectors, internet access and EIAWB to enhance the lessons of educators so that the learners can be interactive participants (and even ICT pacesetters)! “The greatest source of information is the internet”, he explained.

The internet to me is a GLOBAL digital library with much, much more resources and information available. Just as you would use the Dewey System to find a specific book on a specific topic, the same principle is applicable to the internet i.e. Google / Ask Jeeves etc.

With an EIAWB in the classroom together with http://www.internet, a lesson “becomes” ALIVE with real motion, movement, sound, interactive graphical features and much more! Using the laptop + data projector (and its remote control functions) + EIAWB + internet + Google = effective classrooms TEACHING + LEARNING.

BUT …. in SA …. I am concern about the educational sphere … about educators attitude towards …. the EIAWB and the view about its “price tag”. If people that is anti the EIAWB and peripheral technological equipment are going to see EIAWB as a “waste of money” and keep on “slamming” the concept, we must bring back talk and chalk – NOW !

Albie ready to shelve the EIAWB

[...] internet is a rich source of tips and [...]

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