Technology in schools during the teacher strike …

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 | technology

Good reports are coming in of learning taking place in schools in the Western Cape in spite of teachers being on strike.  Computer facilities are made available to learners and through the use of e-learning material meaningful learning is happening.

Well done to those e-pioneers who are harnessing technology to ensure that the dispute between teachers and the government has a minimal impact on learners.

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3 Comments to Technology in schools during the teacher strike …

Mark C
Monday, 23 August, 2010

It is great to see that learners can take responsibility for the own learning. I am all for this.

I have to stress a point from my side as a facilitator. I did not visit my schools last week as i should have last week. I will not endanger my life in Khayelitsha by trying to be a hero. My employer won’t miss me (I am replaceable), but my family would (or maybe not). In any case, I would like to live a little longer. I don’t use striking as an excuse not to work instead there are other things on my plate.

I appreciate those e-pioneers who get e-learning going at schools where there are people striking. I would like to learn what I can do in my circumstances. Thanks for the advice in advance.

Monday, 23 August, 2010

I am passionate about technology and the role it can play in ALL learners daily educational life – to enhance their lifelong dreams. If “we” can just be “allowed” to take the place of “striking educators” as Khanya facilitators to do the job …..BUT ….

I would like to add to Mark’ statement re the striking by educators in general. In some cases your cultural orientation might even make it for you as a person more “vunerable to visit certain residential areas where you don’t blend in” with the overall environment. I have had an experience with a “private 16 seater transport vehicle” myself TODAY and must agree – “liewer bang Jan as dooie Jan”.


Mark C
Monday, 23 August, 2010

Two points I want to raise and then I´ll shut up.
(a) By visiting my schools I am not only endangering my life but those I come into contact with. Having been through this type of thing since the 1980s, I know the animosity.
(b) our team had to move from pillar to post last week to get a “safe” place to work. I felt like booking in at PSO for work. But then again …….

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