My e-mail in-box – a Pandora’s box?

Saturday, May 15th, 2010 | communication

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on earth. The gods endowed her with many talents, amongst others beauty, musical skills and the art of persuasion.

One of her gifts was a box, which she was not allowed to open under any circumstances but curiosity got the better of her and she opened it. The result? All imaginable evils escaped and spread over the earth. She tried to close the box, but everything escaped, except one thing which was left at the bottom of the box …

I have a box which I simply have to open each day – curiosity impels me to open my e-mail in-box the moment the computer is switched on. And then out flies everything that has been boxed in overnight – all 187 of them. Circulars; newsletters; invitations to get rich very quickly (I have been specially selected to help a poor widow from Gabon to bring her millions out of her country and into my bank account); remedies to beautify and enlarge all aspects of my physique and improve my psyche; jokes – most of these have been circling the globe a couple of times over the past day. My colleagues insist on copying me in on all their correspondence – perhaps they feel I will be offended if they leave me in the dark, or otherwise they try to impress me with their diligence.

I am overwhelmed by emails; it takes an awful lot of time just to sift through them to find the ones that are of real importance.

At the bottom of the box there remains the one thing that did not fly out of Pandora’s box: hope.

I hope that we will eventually find a way to use this tool as a time-saver rather than a time-waster.

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Monday, 17 May, 2010

I agree – my Pandora’s box (alias Facilitator Box)also got hope @ the bottom, but my F Box also got other hidden words under and inside the false bottom …. one of them ….. the 100e of e-mails that was send and received TODAY and that I must respond to … and that takes the GREATEST PART of my 25 hour DAY without a BAR ONE!! Most of these e-mails just don’t offer solutions – they want solutions …. almost NOW !

In my daily task of facilitation, I enjoy with zest the EIAWB training sessions, working with the EIAWB with the educators and learners, getting the curriculum delivered MAINLY inside a classoom, that is my hope of survival …. but proportional wise, almost the smallest corner inside is the “EIAWB dust speck space” its hiding place very, very small – labelled EIAWB tasks and training!! That is right @ top of my box and very easily accessible and noticeable with its EIAWB enjoyment label. I nurture, care, protect, polish, guard and ensure its “safety” with all my MIGHT, if that must escape …. my box is done !!! Me too…. what then ? I will then escape the F Box too….

Then the other tasks in theWebmal Inbox, Outbox, Trash Box and Spam folder and the Archives domain are 99,9998% filled to capacity and spacing themselves very comfortably without any “respect” into the not available space in the Pandora’s F email Box. When I open these electronic “envelopes” they are filled with many “issues” from LAB activities not getting “active”, software requirements not met, or loading of it not done, getting the server to work or just to respond is to no avail, asking the LAN / SNA to update Symantec is problematic, or to complete the Khanya folder and other documents is hard to accomplish, log a call(or is it lost a call) is heartbeaking, technical issues not attended to, broken chairs stay broken, ws not working wit screens not displaying the Windows logo, ADSL offline (maybe known as Allways Down Sorry Learners), cables tangled like koeksisters, untidy LABS with A4 papers reduced to A100 pieces and other glitter paper (could be a Simba Lion roaring or a Willards crinkle cutting across the floor ….) the list endless.

Back to e-mails or rather eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-mails – it is with us, but how to “shorten” them, even “minimize” them in numbers in my Inbox is a Pandora’s guess. To delete them is not the solution, to archive them is just “postponing” response, but to sift through them is finishing my WW stainless steel Sheffield sifting utensil. Maybe, maybe …. I must change my e-mail to ….. I have found a way to resolve the the e-mail issue….. my new email is as follows: all mail welcome:

Albie Outbox

Mark C
Tuesday, 18 May, 2010

I would like to mention 3 things.

Work-related: I think we need to determine what is important or of interest to Senior Management. I just think that if SM is included in everything then it eventually restricts people’s “freedom” to do things without being drones (with all due respect to SM). A person while be micro-managed from the top and that is unhealthy. To my coordinator-Sorry Ma’am, you get almost everything!

Filters. The WCED must have online filters curbing some unwanted mails. If you use an e-mail client such as Outlook and Thunderbird then you can “teach” it to eliminate unwanted mails.

To my colleagues, friends and family. I apologise if you have experienced any bad luck in the last 7 years I have been in this project. I have to confess that 99% of the times I did not forward your mail to 10 other people and I am TRULY sorry. I know I am a DEVIL….but I thought I would spare ten people some misery…or sorry.. I said I was the devil! Maybe I should start now!

Thursday, 22 July, 2010

Dear Kobus

I was hoping to get in touch regarding a story I’m writing on interactive white boards, and wanted to hear if you’d be available to answer a few questions. If you can provide me with an e-mail address I could send some questions through if that’s ok.

Kind regards
Lezette Engelbrecht
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