Should teachers buy their own technology?

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 | technology

Yes, as a teacher you should acquire your own equipment.

If you have never used technology before, it is important that you become comfortable with it before trying to use it in the classroom.  Most people need time to adapt to the use of new things – it is not just a matter of taking a course, but rather one of practice, practice, practice.  Technology in your home – available all the time – will make the learning process much easier.

Even if you are at ease with technology it is advisable to possess your own equipment.  At home you can use it for admin functions, prepare lessons and create activities for your learners.  In this way you’ll derive far greater value from technology than when using it sporadically.

Acquiring a laptop or a personal computer is a good place to start.  The relative cost of these items is coming down and, while it may call for some sacrifice, you may find that you can afford some form of technology.

An investment in technology is one that you will never regret. 

A netbook is an affordable introduction to technology


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3 Comments to Should teachers buy their own technology?

Sipho Didiza
Wednesday, 28 April, 2010

It is imperative that educators should have their own technological equipment inorder to continue to familiarise themselves. This familiarization will breed interest in using technology with learners. Educators are very concerned about learners who know technology more than them, when an educator acquire a piece of technology for her / his use and her /his classroom use enables the educator to become confident with technology.

Wednesday, 28 April, 2010

Yes, a netbook is a very affordable place to start. The only drawback is that they usually don’t have a CD drive – but you can buy an external one quite cheaply.

I recently discovered that a number of teachers are using their cell phones to upload info and pictures (taken with the phone) onto the school website. This is an exciting new development – lots of teachers have technology available in their hands, even if they don’t own a computer. I’m now using a blog to share weekly literacy planning and web links – and many teachers can access these at home on their phone, to assist with lesson planning.

Dwayne Bailey
Wednesday, 5 May, 2010

The sadest thing for me about netbooks is that they used to cost R2000, now I can’t seem to find one for less then R3500!? Go figure.

I still use my Aspire One when attending conferences. I ditched the horrible OS they had on the machine and put on Ubuntu Netbook remix. Its amazing how more useful the device is when the OS is actually build to cater for a small screen.

I use mine with a 3G stick so I can be online when I’m at meetings and conferences.

I honestly don’t miss a CD drive. Can’t remember when last I installed software from a CD. You can fake the CD if you know how and just put those images on a memory stick or onto the device itself.

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