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Friday, April 23rd, 2010 | IWBs

It is with great pleasure that I can let you know that the book Interactive Whiteboards for Africa – 101 Questions was launched last week.  The book is based on postings that appeared on this blog, enhanced by many of your comments (thanks for that!).  See the catalogue for a full listing of all the chapters.

The book will be made available in hard copy format to teachers who do not have access to the internet.  Kind donors made the printing of several thousand copies possible.

Interactive Whiteboards for Africa is not a training manual – it is an advocacy tool that can be used to let teachers know it is cool to use interactive whiteboards.


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Friday, 23 April, 2010

Well done, Kobus!

Abimbola Akanwo
Friday, 23 April, 2010

Congratulations on publishing your book…

Having read some of your blog on the subject, I know your book will be full of useful information.

Mark C
Friday, 23 April, 2010

Congratulations again! I see you have writer’s blog. I think this is quite a clever way to write a book. The critique from a number of “non-experts” are free and this is before the experts (editors) edit it. Also, the “non- experts” also give a realistic feel to the book. I think it will be of use if people will read it and take the advice to empower themselves.

Just being curious, but are you starting another book?

Saturday, 24 April, 2010

Well done I want a COPY now !! and ASAP.


Saturday, 24 April, 2010

Mark, yes, there was a block for a while – I had some family trauma, demanding much of my attention, but I am back on track! You are so right … this is the perfect way to write a book. Nobody has all the wisdom on a subject – blogging allows you to put ideas out there and let others with insight in the topic (or with lots of experience) add their comments. In this way one can publish the collective wisdom of a number of people. And yes, I am working on a few other ideas at present!

Gail Ahrends
Wednesday, 5 May, 2010

Well done Kobus and thank you for your initiative and guidance on subjects like this which will definitely enhance teaching and learning.

We hope this will be part of WCED and National Education deparment’s next stategy to improve the quality of teaching in South Africa.

Yes, Mark, he is starting another book:are you not also an e – pioneer?

Dwayne Bailey
Wednesday, 5 May, 2010

Wow, congrats! Glad to be part of that thought experiment and I hope its useful for the many people who aren’t online.

Gail Ahrends
Friday, 14 May, 2010

I started reading the book last night, thank you Kobus, I can see there is still a need for hard copies and such a pleasant and easy to read format. Everyone should order their copies now, it is definitely worth while reading and information, well research and a well balanced view.

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