Why should I stay close to the supplier of my interactive whiteboard?

Sunday, February 14th, 2010 | IWBs

Vendors of interactive whiteboards are in the business of selling interactive whiteboards – they are not charitable organizations and have a profit motive.  But this is not a bad thing – it can work to your advantage.

It is important for the suppliers of your equipment that you use yours optimally.


Many people – teachers, principals, school governing body members, and even education department officials – are not yet convinced of the value of interactive whiteboards as teaching and learning tools.  They question whether the purchasing of more boards will yield a positive return on an investment in this form of technology.

Vendors know this.  The only way they can ensure future sales is by proving that the use of interactive whiteboards leads to better classroom results.  And the evidence they can point to is the success in your classroom.  They need this!  An under-utilized board harms their case.

Reputable interactive whiteboard dealers – those who are not mere box-droppers – go to great lengths providing a service to teachers.  They understand that, after selling the board to you, they can’t simply walk away and hope for the best.  The service they render includes giving initial training, supplying a constant flow of useful resources and providing guidance on how interactive whiteboards should be integrated into classroom practice. 

This situation is clearly beneficial to you.  If you form a close partnership with your vendor you stand to benefit from:

  • initial orientation and training
  • new operating software releases
  • familiarization in the use of new features
  • advance training
  • user communities – both face-to-face seminars and online networks.

Two things are required for you to benefit from you supplier partnership.  The supplier must render support, and you must make full use of the support.

A perfect recipe for a win-win situation!

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3 Comments to Why should I stay close to the supplier of my interactive whiteboard?

Sunday, 14 February, 2010

I would like to “experience” more support from EAIWB vendors re latest software update, upgrades and new packages. We as facilitators should “get” the latest and newest software packages to load on our own ws / laptops to “explore” and to be empowered to facilitate @ schools and be able to deliver a “smoother” workshop session.


Mark C
Sunday, 14 February, 2010

Ditto Albie. Many times facilitators absorb the cost of downloading updates at home and making them available to schools charging them nothing. I don’t think that the sacrifices can always be made by facilitators but they do it in any case because educators must not be held back by too many stumbling blocks. I think we should make a request that suppliers think about offering a wider variety of support.

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