How can I keep the surface of my interactive whiteboard clean?

Sunday, February 14th, 2010 | IWBs

Some types of interactive whiteboards are more difficult to keep clean than others.  The greatest dirt factor is dust, turned into dirt when oily fingers write on the board.

In the case of interactive solutions that do not need a physical board – where images are projected on a wall and interactions take place by means of a stylus – there is no board to clean.  All you need to clean is the device that interprets the signals coming from the stylus.  An occasional coat of paint on the display wall is enough to guarantee clear images.

A hard board makes use of a stylus, thus reducing the dirt caused by fingers.  Of course, one of the selling points of the hard board is that you can rest your hand on the board while you are writing.  This means that the natural oil on your hand will come into contact with the dust on the board, leaving a dirty deposit.  Two simple things can be done to reduce dirt build-up

  • wash your hands before using the board
  • dust the board surface with a soft cloth before using it (perhaps at the beginning of each day).

The soft boards where you use your finger are the most likely ones to get dirty.  Here you can also apply the two principles mentioned above to reduce dirt.  Some teachers use a soft brush to write rather than allowing learners to use their fingers – in some cases an alternative stylus is provided by the board manufacturer.

Chalk dust contributes to grime formation.  For this reason these boards are usually removed from a classroom when an interactive whiteboard is installed.

Regardless of the preventative measures you may take to keep your board clean, you will find it necessary to clean it from time to time.  Don’t attempt this unless you’ve consulted the manufacturer’s manual – then follow the instructions to the letter.  This is particularly important if you want to clean the mess caused by someone who wrote on your board with a normal board pen.

It is not difficult to keep your interactive whiteboard clean.  Common sense measures – such as washing hands and regular dusting – will keep the dirt away, and a little effort when the board appears a bit tacky will ensure that it remains clean.

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1 Comment to How can I keep the surface of my interactive whiteboard clean?

Mark C
Sunday, 14 February, 2010

Some new boards are quite dirty already and people somehow ignore it, just like the keyboard that everybody uses. Its black from the dirt of sweat and bacteria. The problem we have in Khayelitsha is the sand blown in from the dunes. No matter how you close the doors and windows sand finds it way in. Cleaning the surface of the boards daily before use it imperative. The pentrays are dust collectors and also should be cleaned thoroughly.

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