How much value does a document camera add to my interactive whiteboard?

Sunday, January 24th, 2010 | IWBs

The large size of an interactive whiteboard makes it an ideal medium on which small objects can be diplayed in an enlarged format – in this way learners can study them in greater detail.  This is particularly useful in natural science and biology where you want learners to observe details, which can not be detected by the naked eye.

You need a tool to zoom in on small objects to make them dislayable, and the document camera is just the one you need.  This device is also called a visualizer, visual presenter, or digital visualizer.

A document camera is a digital camera which, connected to your computer, allows you to display images through the data projector onto the interactive whiteboard.  Your interactive whiteboard vendor may be able to supply you with a document camera made to work with your specific board, but generic models are available too.  Before you buy, first check its functionality.

With most document cameras you’ll be able to do the following:

When you are are using a textbook in your lesson, the page you are working with can be displayed to the class.  With the image of the page displayed on the interactive whiteboard, you can highlight portions or make annotations on the board.

Two or three dimensional items can be displayed to the class.  When you rotate or move objects, learners can see the details of the object from where they are sitting.

A microscope function allows you to display microscopic objects.

Have you ever done a science experiment while forty learners are crowding around you to see what’s happening?  Doing your experiment on the display surface of the document camera allows learners to view the experiment in real time from their individual desks.  Snapshots at certain stages of the experiment can be taken and then incorporated in later discussions or future lessons.

The image of whatever is displayed can be saved for later use.

Spontaneity is added to your classroom, since you can view any object as the opportunity presents itself.

A document camera adds substantial functionality to your interactive whiteboard.  It allows your learners to explore and experience new worlds.

Once you’ve mastered your interactive whiteboard, the document camera is a useful addition to your interactive classroom.

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Monday, 25 January, 2010

The impact of document camera on students is so amazing that I believe there are very few better investments. I purchased my document camera form Document camera and I am pretty happy with the results.

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Tuesday, 31 May, 2011

I Have to say the Indepth analysis this article has is greatly remarkable.No one goes that extra mile these days?

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