How much can I expect to pay for software to use with my interactive whiteboard?

Friday, January 8th, 2010 | IWBs

Software for interactive whiteboards does not have to cost you anything!

Commercial software is available as add-on products to your interactive whiteboard. The initial cost of such software, as well as recurring license fees, can be high.  You need to weigh carefully whether the cost justifies the benefits you hope to gain.

But most of the resources you will need are available at no cost. You must just know where to find them.  Here are a few places where useful material can be found:

Most interactive whiteboards come with a bundle of free software items.  You may find some useful pieces here.

The internet is a rich source of free software.  Thousands of teachers have developed resources, including complete lessons, and make them available on the web.  These resources are mostly tried and tested.

Major interactive whiteboard suppliers sponsor online communities through which teaching and learning materials can be accessed – this makes it easier for you to find appropriate resources.  When you find material that seems useful to you, you can use it as it is, change it to suit your needs, or use it as a model to develop your own.

Your school may hold a site license for educational software programs.  Enquire from the vendor of the product whether the license entitles you to use the software on your interactive whiteboard without additional cost.

It has been said that the best things in life are free.  The best – yes, the very best – resources to use on your interactive whiteboard are the resources that you will be able to develop yourself, once you’ve become a skilled board user.  And this is also free!  Strive to reach this level of proficiency as soon as possible.

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1 Comment to How much can I expect to pay for software to use with my interactive whiteboard?

Mark C
Friday, 8 January, 2010

You are correct about developing your own resources. However, as you use freeware don’t be scared to share it with others. This whole idea of developing freeware is to encourage innovation and sharing material/software with a broader community. You might not able to donate in cash, but kind is also appreciated.

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