How can I protect my eyes when using an interactive whiteboard?

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 | IWBs, security

An interactive whiteboard itself is not bad for your eyes – but the data projector used with the board can cause eye damage.

When you are outside a building on a bright summer day your eyes won’t hurt when you look at a tree.  How do you see the tree?  The light from the sun shines on the tree and is reflected to you so that you see the image of the tree.  But if you look directly at the sun your eyes will be damaged.  Likewise, looking at the image on an interactive whiteboard won’t hurt your eyes, but looking into the beam of the data projector will.

You can project your eyes – and those of your learners – by following a few simple guidelines:

Don’t stare directly into the beam of the data projector. 

Avoid standing in the beam – but if you have to enter into the beam, don’t look at the audience for more than a few seconds.

When writing on the board, face the board, with your back to the beam.

Switch the data projector off when not in use.  This practice saves your eyes – it also saves energy!

The effect of the beam is reduced when the data projector is installed in the ceiling.

These guidelines must be explained to learners before they interact with the whiteboard, in the same way that you would brief them about the correct way to observe a solar eclipse without damaging their eyes.

An interactive whiteboard is safe to use if you remember that you must never look directly at the strong light emanating from the data projector.  Protect your eyes – they have to serve you for a long time!

Click here for more information about interactive whiteboards.

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Wednesday, 30 September, 2009

Get also into the habit of standing “alongside” the IAWB i.e. next to the side of the IAWB outside the Data Projector’ beam area. Make sure that you don’t cast a shadow on the IAWB – that will help you in your “sight” of the light.


Wednesday, 30 September, 2009

Dit is almal uitstekende punte wat gelig word in die artikel. Die meer jy hierdie advies en tegnieke toepas die beter sal jou gebruik van die bord word.

Mark C
Wednesday, 30 September, 2009

I am impressed with your science lesson Kobus. I think I will use you to teach a demo lesson on the IAWB for grade tens : Reflection. We can follow this up with some revision for grade 12s : Organic chemistry. One of your previous stories highlighted a picture of an Acene. I will give you some time to think….maybe till next year?
A point I want to make is that construction workers have safety rules to follow when doing their jobs. The same applies to the educator/facilitator.

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