Laptops for South African teachers

Friday, September 12th, 2008 | Computer Usage

Great excitement reigns – there is a prospect that all teachers in South Africa will receive notebook computers over the next few years.

Rumours that each one of the 340 000 teachers in the country will be issued with a laptop was sparked by a statement issued by the national Minister of Education earlier this year.

The buzz was increased when one of the labour unions claimed that a deal was brokered with the government to arm its members with laptop computers.

How is all this going to work?  Before getting too wound up about the laptop hand-outs, consider the small print.  Part of the rumour is that teachers may have to pay for their devices – or pay at least for part of it.

 Time will tell how (and if) teachers will benefit from this initiative.

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Saturday, 13 September, 2008

I think it is a good idea – laptops / pc for educators. Once everone got one he/she will become ICT literate.

Yes, make a deposit and after 3 years you can get your contribution back after you can sumbit your proof of usage of the laptop.


Saturday, 13 September, 2008

The question is: will they become computer literate by just having the device?

Nicky Adams
Thursday, 11 December, 2008

What a big investment, that is, if the rumour is true. But what are the plan(s) for the USE of the computer? What about training? Who pays for the insurance of the device? Save keeping of the laptop? Will the user be able to use the laptop on current XP networks? Or are we looking at Linux and Open office?

Getting a laptop free of charge (a handout) will be a great gift to any teacher. All will welcome the idea of a free laptop, but a few will actually use it as a teaching and learning tool. And there is always the possibility of selling the device especially in these hard economic times. Buying of a laptop at a reduced price maybe the way to go – the buyer will take a bigger responsibility for it. A guide on the purpose and use of the device and the selling of it must be added.

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