The power of a personal learning network

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 | technology

The purpose of this posting is to show how powerful a personal learning network (PLN) can be – it helps you to learn all the time and obtain a better appreciation of things you are dealing with.

One of my favourite PLN tools is Plurk – a social networking site.  A plurk friend posted the following picture earlier today.

The picture illustrates the minuteness of electronic components, by placing a hair next to a transistor - I now have a better perspective of the size of the tiny components in my laptop and cell phone.  This information came to me in a fun way – I simply had to log onto my PLN.


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Tuesday, 14 July, 2009

The technological world of “hardware components” is getting “smaller”, but “bigger” in personal networking capacity!!

Today @ Rocklands Sec, I have just experience that – the internet and technological “tools” are so “simplistic” to use, yet so powerful in output and if you look at its “size” re the minuteness of the technological components, I can foresee that one day ALL technological devices from ipod, to computer, to DVD, to cell phone to laptops to remote control devices will be on ONE piece of electronic part embedded ….yes… embedded in your single prosthetic molar tooth after they had the orginal one been removed (I saw a photo of this technological piece of equipment).

Albie so minute in seconds

Mark C
Tuesday, 14 July, 2009

Great picture. The transistor was considered to be one of the major breakthroughs in electronics. Without it we still would have had computers as big as rooms to do the simplest of tasks. Had we not had the transistor which later became the integrated circuit we would never have had e-learning on this great scale.

Thursday, 16 July, 2009

PLN is a non threatning “fun” way to learn. Allows you to the power to choose whats relevant to you!

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